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hmm number two..? [Jan. 28th, 2003|02:32 am]
for fags only
[mood |hurt,tired,confused,]
[music |Tool- Eulogy]

i got in another goddamn car accident.. jesus whats wrong with the people i hang out with. i mean i love them but they are shitty drivers.. me and breena were going back to her house after washing her car, we came up to oracle and wetmore by that altell store on the corner and breena is lighting up a cigarret(thats how cigarrets kill so many people..hmmm) not paying attention niether am i talking to her and what not. she doesnt notice that the light was red and plows right through the intersection hitting a black 88 honda, i got a concusion, she got a face full of air bag. THEY FUCKING STINK WHEN THEY DEPLOY jaysus.. she broke her nose and has scrapes on her face like rug burn.. and a concusion, but other than that she is alright. i still love her.. of course, when i went to see her when she got home tonight she started to cry and said she was sorry. its weired when i think about it there were 1983409281093 things that i could have done differently so that accident wouldnt have happend, thats why i think fate is real, think about it. somthing bad that has happend to you or a loved one, think of other things they would have done like some one asking thwm to go with them instead of with the person that it happend to. so that bad thing wouldnt have happend im sorry if this isnt making sense like i said i have a concusion and im not thinking to clearly

[User Picture]From: galxyboi
2005-01-11 11:14 pm (UTC)

hey i know how you feel

hey i dont know you or ne thing but i was on the fags only thing and saw you. i know how you feel i was in 5 car accidents and almost a hellicopter accident at boot camp in the summer. lamo. well im james from mo my lj is galxyboi so you can just add me. talk to you later bye
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